Rate My Heroes' Drip

Trying to get into Eternal League so I can give Mirage that giant crossbow but it’s been rough lol.


looking good!

I never really liked the Wizard Christmas Vanity (I usually use one of the Halloween Vanities), but Rufus is looking pretty good with the Angel Wings, Halo, and Lighting Aura with Icy Eyes.

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Yeah just plain Santa vanity skin looks pretty wack but I didn’t get any of the Halloween vanities before I stopped playing so I had to make him look as icy as possible with what I had. And ain’t no way I’m using the base skins lmao.

Are those vanites that you mention guys is free to get? That christmas vanity…thingy

the Christmas & Halloween Vanities are free on those holidays. they should be automatic, but not sure if the Dev’s have made any changes.

the Halloween Vanities are an Eye-Ball head and a Pumpkin Head. I like the Eye-Ball on my Wizard, the Pumpkin Head on Wizard & Warrior, and the Christmas Vanity on my Rogue.

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Are the vanities on the back of the hero includes too?

some of the back vanities cost Gold or Real Money in the Shop. the Eternal Flame Back is a reward when you reach First, Second, or Third place in Eternal League in Battle Arena. a few are Rewards for reaching Eternal League. there are 9 different backs, 3 for each Class, 1 for each Talent Tree (Ninja, Berserker, Elementalist, for instance). there are 3 Seasons, so it takes 3 Seasons to get all 3 backs for each Class (I just need one more Season to have all 9).