How much armor and block% the high you have get before ^^ because i think this 2 only can make amazing build like tanker but more effective ;
And if you get high of one of them how this effect with you in +MAP,Thanks

warrior for sure^^;

you can get 45% from crystal affix on OH + 15% (epic) by some warrior armors = 60 % (normal cap)
with some luck you can get 45% block on warrior armors and go over cap with epiphany (5) to 75% block, but you must remember you can’t craft block on anything but OH, so you must be very lucky. I have already made a combo of 60% block + 75% dodge on my rogue, which means 90% chance of evading attacks.

armor is pretty easy to get, crystal, legend and epic affixes everywhere + set affixes such faun’s gift, battle mage, etc + strength hero points + of protection nature = absurd values of armor. although, it’s not a big deal, since on damage reduction, there’s a level factor, so higher oponnent’s level, less effect have armor in dmg reduction.

I found many gears with crystal affix dodge and block and armor too ^^; i just need know how much they can get of them the highest number of armor and with gears block% how much this effective or this useless like tanker warrior without any attack ^^

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& Thanks ;^^


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