Reactions if you're not getting a perfect roll

imagine if Obsidian, Amethyst and Ruby are burned into affixes that you dont need for your current build. :joy:

happens to me several times to get frostbiting from Ruby. of course i want 100%. wasted about 20 Ruby’s with no luck.

its like…


This is why some people use real money XD
unfortunately i, too have experienced this but with 5 obsidians
so your not alone

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buy a cheap eternal from codex and convert it to crystal is alternative way. but you need billions of gold though.

Luck% also increases chance of getting perfectly rolled affixes.

I feel like I am kind of lucky with Obsidian when rolling for the affix I want, but it seems like I am in debt to luck when it comes to using Ruby to roll the affix I want. of course, Ruby has a bigger pool of affixes to chose from than Obsidian.

Any gear should be level 100 before you can even get a perfect affix. Remove all affixes apart the one or two expensive to roll (eg christaline and legend). Then reroll both with diamonds until near as dammed perfect . Then be happy

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