Real "Beginner" Guide for floors 200+(Dmg=Crit dmg and Chance)

Hello first of all,
this is not going to be a guide showing you a build which requires you to have basically all Mythics, Crystals and Legendarys rdy to craft.

This is supposed to be a Guide on the things that i would ve liked to find, when looking for a “build” or “guide”, because at the time somebody can make such an over the top build without hacking, that person would already be highly capable of coming up with one themselves.
Just getting 2 Elxiers on ur Neck and Ring is nothing sb can complete that has just finished floor 200 or get
Crystal Affix %Crit Dmg+
It wont rly help a new player in my opinion. Thats a late game advice, people looking for guides generally are new.
And i mean rly new Early game aka Floor 0-200 maybe Floor 250.
Its not even a Mid Game thing to get 2 Elixirs on ur Equip. Thats Late game and generally not a Guide or Help thing.

So heres the guide which is mostly going to be what i did to rush to Floor 500 and completing a half decent build ( yes i still havent got 2 elxiers, only 1 recently, nor enough obisidians, rubys or amethyst but enough jasper to make a decent Mid game build)

First of all play Rogue or Wizard, i would recommend Wizard as i played through the 500 floors with him, and found building a decent early build fairly simple.
I m glad if anyone who knows a good start for Warrior shares it with me.

In this Guide i ll assume you finished all the things like: Get all stashes, try out the weapons, kill Floor 200 boss etc.


As a Wizard. Look out for the Legendaries Aftermath. If you happen to find Ascendent that works too, until you get 4 Set pieces of Aftermath.
Alternative, you could also use the Plagued Set.
Or the weapon zeus (havent rly used it but saw a thread and i m certain it has the potential to carry you at least to floor 300).
The 4 set of aftermath gives you an insane dmg output just by being able to Spam Shatter+Meteor nonstop.
Important here is: reroll so you get +10 Meteor on 2 of the Aftermath Set piece. You rly need Meteor to be Rank(?) 40, so you get that jucy 4 Meteors crashing down.

For a Rogue:
Look out for Plague and any bomb that goes with it.
Plague is an awesome early tool to boost your Dmg without having high numbers on paper. Just stack ur poison on enemy mobs, jump through to the Catographer and it will die if enough enemys are poisoned.
You may get a bit into trouble if all mobs are dead but the boss isnt, which is the reason why i would recommend lvling a mage, just because his builds are fairly effective.
(If i dont know the way to easily get the dmg on rogue pls let me now <3 )


Lookout for a Head with 4 Sockets (simply because the Aftermath parts are MH, Chest, OH and Ring. Amulet will be swapped out anyway as soon as possible for a +2 Set so dont bother wasting ur precisious Fortune Mythstone on it)

The 4 Socket Head is to be kept rdy for a Mythic creation of first
Bloodmagic (Her/Gift/Clarity/Abyss Mythstones Socketed)

when you find a Fortune create a Head with
Disordance (Mentor/Boon/Death/Fortune)
This makes u able to Spam your Meteor like a lunatic-
i think Fortune wont be found before you reach Floor 300, but you may get lucky so heads on the ground look out for it.

This is the basic set thing now this alone doesnt rly do #%!$ for you.

Because what you need to deal dmg isnt rly sets or anything its mere stats:


Crit Chance + Crit DMG
So here loads of higher players are smarter than me, i m taking Diablo 3 as a reference for the numbers.

But generally 45% Crit Chance is what you should be aiming at, because you dont have unlimited Crystals to reroll.
Crit Dmg: To be honest. Max it out if you can. Will be hard with limited Crystals.
For the beginning Probably 2 times ~70% Crit Dmg will do.
If u do trust your Luck, try to get more of them.

Deadly strike also helps a lot. Thanks to a response i d recommend at least 30% perfect would be 50% but before you get a Crystal Crit Affix. 30% is a number u could aim at if your build has decent Attack Speed. At lower Attackspeed u d be better off stacking up your Crit Dmg and Defensive Stats.


So you can remove them, but you cant safely add Epic Affixes yet where you re at i assume.
I recommend Gift for the HP recovery if you dont want to be oneshot by everything u meet.

Boon will be needed before you get your Disordance mythic together, so you have the mana to cast your Meteor nonstop.

Why this Wizard Build?

  1. Whats cooler than crushing your enemys with 4 Metoers?
  2. Fast Spacing through the Map
  3. My main reason: Loot Imp, Break 1000 Destructibles,
    sounds much, but to be honest you will be destroying the map itself so you get 3 Legendaries for free every few maps.
    Also the danger of dying from the damn Destructibles Nukes they are is low bec it will be all blown up.

Why Plague?
High dmg, low requirement to deal some dmg

Future for you:
Nadorji Rings and Amulets hope for it to be ur class.
If not => wait for a Jasper change it to ur class.
Frightening Choker can be found past floor 200 on legendary+ its for rogue, so here aswell if u aint rogue hope for it turn it to ur class.

General Advice:
Dont be scared to Salvage your Legendaries. Keep 1 of the Sets you rly want to keep. But to be honest Salvage, you can get ur Legendaries back through Codex- Ceafting, except if they re expensive but you dont need those normally to begin with.

You can also Convert Eternal and Crystal Legendaries you dont need to super Rare Crystals, you can end up with some nice Legend, Set and Crystal Affixes by doing so, while you wont need the 20th eternal Legendary Equality you ll get.
But dont Convert your Legendaries in the beginning Salvage them to get the Craft Tokens for Legendaries you re missing in ur build.

Buy the map reveal on the beginning of the map, speed through to get your Map.

Your Goal is to get to Floor 500 keep that in mind. If it gets too hard, lower the map again until you get a dmg boost.
Keep the difficulty at Mythic III, thats what i did, I didnt find it hard or anything once i had some legendaries, and i didnt even follow my crit rule as I wasnt paying attention to it :wink:

When creating a new Hero. You dont need to play all floors. Just complete a Challenger Map above Floor 200 and you ll unlock the Floors.

Well this got long, i hope it helps at least one Person

If you take anything away from this Mess:


Add dodge too. And luck . Nadroji drops more about floor 240 if you have some luck affixes. Legends can be converted to chrystals (including ultra rare). But it’s expensive in gold. Elixers drop at about floor 400 very easy as do obsidian’s ( but still rare). Mythstones are not a problem to find as you can unsocket and recycle them (unless you’ve made them into a mythical). Dodge and block helps to survive maps. Especially Skyfall maps with tend to drop the best loot.

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Ty for the answer, will try the block on my rogue. Have had my first Elixier drop at 530. Convert to crystals, i honestly didnt know that <3
Problem is if the Crystal that gets u to add an epic, doesnt drop that early. So u get to reroll only those epic stats that the build already as. and there i would hard focus dmg at first.
I ll try the dodge and block then add it to the post


Best way to get ultra rare crystals is to convert eternals but converting legend is cheaper and with luck you can get rubies etc.

Just saw, tried it with crystal legends and Eternals i had to spare.
I would advice against the legendaries i think, the tokens to craft legends again is worth more in my opinion cause u can get legendaries that havent dropped yet.
Point of the guide was for rly new ppl to see how to procceed to the nice builds.
Specially the Crit part i found important for me.

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Another tip. If you have made some rubbish mythic items then you can convert into a random mythstone. So convert the mythics with the easiest to find stones . Eg apocalypse

I have a crit build that damages billions but not all the time it only reaches when it is deadly strike because I have a brutal and Nova and blight, toxic affix
But my hp and total reduce damage is low , I got oneshot by minions that’s why I’m stuck in above floor 500
Can anyone help me plz oh and I’m using flintlock build because I love the burst of scattershot
TY in advance

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First of all, thats normal, you will only reach the highest numbers like that.
also my next goal; to get a mythic with brutal. Atm i m only using Energy.

I m also getting oneshot because i put all points in dmg on rogue. Stack up on Dodge and Block till its capped. Its probably the best way to avoid getting one shot.
Sanctuary Mythic may also help you.
Try a Plagued and Druidic combination.
Staggering Talent as high as posible could help too.

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@RivStar great Post! Crit Chance and Crit DMG were very important to me in the early game when I fist started. all Heroes have a base +10% Crit Chance and +50% Crit DMG (this +50% isn’t part of the Crit DMG Cap) (these show up as Purple numbers). Deadly Strike isn’t worth it until you have Crit Chance +40% or higher and Crit DMG +200% or higher. and Deadly Strike needs to be +30% or higher, or you won’t see it very often. for anyone who starts using Brutal Mythic, Crit Chance +50% or higher, Crit DMG should be at cap (+350%) and Deadly Strike +50% or higher. this would give you 1 out of every 2 hits would be a Crit on average, and 1 out of every 2 Crits would be Deadly Strike/Brutal. so out of every 4 hits, 2 Normal DMG, 1 Crit DMG & 1 Deadly Strike/Brutal, on average. this takes up lots of space, but will do tons of DMG. when you get Obsidian to put Crystal Crit Chance, Deadly Strike, & Crit DMG on your items, you can open up space for more affixes to kill monsters, for survival, or Farming affixes.

there is a Trick to getting all Epic affixes using only Angelite and Kyanite. all Epic Items have at least one Epic affix and five other affixes that are either Basic affixes (Yellow. these are usually 50% to 75% of Epic affix values) or Epic (Orange). you can make any Normal (Grey), Magic (Blue), Rare (Yellow) an Epic item by using Angelite to put affixes on it until it is Epic Orange. although Angelite is a random chance to be either Basic or Epic affixes, the sixth affix will always be Epic. so when you have an Epic item, take off each Yellow affix one at a time and use Angelile to automatically get an Epic affix. (there has to be 5 affixes on an item for the sixth affix to automatically be Epic. so if you have 2 Yellow affixes, and you took them both off, the first one you replaced would have a chance to be Yellow again, and the second one would automatically be Epic)

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Hey thanks a lot! I will add those numbers to the post. I actually forgot about the epic thing… i did that when i started 2 y ago. Had a big break and recently came back.

Problem with the crit 45% = 3 items with crit epic affix. 4 = 60% which is probably perfect but maybe not possible with the crystal. Becaus ppl will most likely use legendary items that may not all have 2 epic affixes already.
But if the base 10% are adding i than the 45% would make for 55% crit overall. And i consider a fair amount of crit dmg more necessary than 60 over 45% crit, for the beginning that is.
Will try it tho.
Deadly strike i ll ad that percetage on my build <3 thanks a lot man .

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in my early game, crit chance & damage were the big damage makers on my Beginners Build (Random Items). watching Purple Numbers flying off of my enemies with Crit Chance +40% or better was great!

in my early game, having access to only Sets & Legend affixes on Legend items with Epic affixes that you find below floor 100, you don’t have very many choices. 3 spaces for Crit Chance, 5 for Crit DMG is huge!!! Deadly Strike was a problem, because you needed at least 3 to get +30%, and that is 11 spaces, 14 if you really want +60% Deadly Strike. these 3 affixes alone can get you up to floor 100+ just from killing, and the right Sets for a little more DMG can really do a player good. just did the math in my head, and with +60% Crit Chance and +60% Deadly Strike, on average, 15 out of 25 hits will be Crits, and on average, 9 Crits will be Deadly Strikes. Fire & Poison DoT off of Deadly Strikes will be awesome, and Deadly Strikes when using Shock will be crazy high too.

I came so close to crying Tears of Joy when I used my first Obsidian. 3 of the same affixes only taking up 1 space was amazing!!!.

Crystal Crit Chance +45%, Character Base Crit Chance +10%, 2x Death Nature = +5% Crit chance to reach +60% Crit Chance Cap. my most recent Build doesn’t have Crit Chance, and the one I am planning will have 4x +100% ED for the first time ever with no Crit Chance. but I find after posting on this Thread that I am beginning to miss Crit Chance for some reason. :dizzy_face:


Thats my point <3 before you get to do awesome builds. Or when you are missing 1 Item it is incredibly usefull to stack up on those 2 Stats. Most builds probably have those as a stable. Sadly my first Obsidian gave me only bad Affixes to choose. so i went with AS. Aint the worst. still Sad :frowning:

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haha, I so lucked out with my first 6 Obsidian. the first 4 were what I wanted, 5th was still usable in my Ascending build (it was Cool Down, and it ended up being very useful) and the 6th one was what I wanted also. since then, I have had a few rolls that I don’t want, or can’t even use, and so just convert those items back into a Crystal. I think my longest streak of not getting what I want is 2 bad rolls before getting something I want on the third roll. Block is hard since you can only roll it on OH, and it is the most difficult to get, since all the others have a chance to show up on any of the other items. I hope I never have one of those days RNG starts picking on me and makes me roll 12 Obsidian before I get something useful. rolling 15-20 Ruby is bad enough, same for 5-10 Amethyst.

Say Golem, if i have a new char, do i need to play through all the Floors again while using him as a main? Or can i just reach lvl 99 and auto unlock floor 200?
Just realized clear any map above floor 200 -> instant unlock will add that to the guide

On your main go to floor 200 and buy a map, put it in shared slot, open on your alt character… Now you can go to any floor.

Otherwise, yes you have to redo all floors on your alts that he was a hireling on