Really excited about DQ2


No its still being developed. It’s going to be live play . So you can quest with others or fight them live


it’s still being developed


@CuzegSpiked that video made me laugh real hard! totally loved the ‘Not Yet!’ and the video went backwards!
ok, so I watched it a second time with headphones, and it was even funnier! I loved the audio additions.
:laughing: :yum: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes_cat: :joy_cat: (:+1: x 10)


Yeah. Also i didnt realise the video itself was a meme as i just choose it quickly without actually looking. No regrets :slight_smile:


that would explain the John Cena parts. but it was totally a really good video.


Bumping this thread cause ain’t been a DQ1 update in forever AND we really want a status of DQ2 please.


@SteigerBox is doing his best. See below.


@tdaniel review of Steiger’s code…


:laughing: x 1,000. they make a good team, and DQ will only benefit from their efforts, which means a lot of happy players.


Indeed. Seen the shinybox page and its legit. Also from the interactions we had and how passionate they are, I can definitely see it being awesome.


Any news on DQ2? I think I’ve been away now for nearly a year awaiting same. Any eta? Thanks


We have spent the last month and 1/2 getting ready for GDPR (you can read about it here:

This was very rough for us in particular which I will go into detail on when I post our updated privacy policies this week. We had to go back and update Dungeon Quest 1 to be “compliant”.

Now that we are compliant with DQ1 we have to go back and add all of that compliance to DQ2 before we can do any closed networking testing.