Reasourceful mythic

What exatly dose it do? Dose it cause an explosion centered on your self when you pick up a health or mana orb, or dose it cause it to go off on the nearest enemy? And can this explosion harm the caster? And on this subject whats all of your opinions on what is the best mythic to put on a ring?

Also, i think i might have justs pulled a big dumb, can you out a main hand +10 skill like twiser on a off hand weapon? ._.

from what I’ve read, the +10 weapon skills can only be what’s on that weapon, so if you have a Gauntlet with Blast & Twister, you could only put +10 Blast and/or Twister on it. if you had an Orb with Teleport and Shatter, you could only put +10 Teleport and/or +10 Shatter. of course, they could also be placed on your other Items or Pet.

Legend Wizard Item Braincage has +10 Torrent (a Warrior Weapon Skill on an OH), but it comes that way. you wouldn’t normally be able to craft that. I don’t know of any other Weapon Items that are like that.

Resourceful Mythic - I would guess that they explode when in range of your Pick Up Radius. the damage they do is MH damage, and is based on the % of your Health/Mana that is recovered. it’s possible the explosion AoE is affected by the Legend +2 AoE and the Wizard Magnify Talent, but I haven’t tested that at all. also, from the wording of the description, the higher your HP/MP is, the lower the damage caused. this might be good for lower floors but not higher floors, unless you are using Masochist and/or Hunger Sets. the only time you should get damaged by your own damage is from using Masochist Set, Hunger Set on certain builds, or from enemies with Thorns. hmm, Blood Magic and Alchemy also lower your HP… but that’s from casting spells, not causing damage.

Resourceful - don’t know many players that use this. do a Search :mag: and see if there are any post about it.

Unity - this is useful in PVP for making all your Resists the same value of your highest Resist.

Hunter - for players who don’t want to get the Hunter Perk, or other Ring Mythics. usually on Farming Builds.

Synergy - useful for Wizard summon builds or other classes that have Command Skill on their OH. the Mythic section in the Dictionary says it goes on the head, but is in the Ring section…

Dauntless - useful for lower floor builds. eventually, on higher floors, you still get one shot killed.

Effective - many players use this for +25% more damage against all enemies (and cancels map enemies -50% less damage against Maps Element). works better with Weaken affix.

Draught - you lose your MP Potion and get a +50% APS & Movement Potion instead. it lasts for 5 seconds with a 5 second cool down. on some builds, this could be as good as or even better than Effective Mythic (I’ve used it on a Wizard Comet Build with Momentum Set). useful for getting around the map or getting a higher APS against bosses. with Momentum Set, you also get more damage.

Cool thanks for the info. I hope you have a great day, your the man golem.