Recovering character help!

That moment when you uploaded a new character and overwritten your main in the DQ CLOUD. Goodbye 2 weeks worth of farming and leveling. :sob:

Is there a way to claim my character though it seemed impossible since it’s my stupid fault.

Back to scratch I guess.

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if you only have 1 Character slot, hopefully a Dev can help you as soon as they see this Support Post for help.

hope you get your Character back.

If you uploaded a new character over your old character then I would not be able to help you get that back. The save game server only stores your most recent data upload.


Figures. Good thing that all the items in stash and Dust will be transferred to the new character.

Thanks @tdaniel and @Golem .

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well, on the down side, you lost 2 weeks of hard work & gaming.

on the up side, you didn’t lose 2 months or 2 years of hard work & gaming.

and you also know more about the game, so it will be easier to get your new Character up and running.

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