Red challenge map and paid boosts

I was just wondering if anyone has used a red challenge map while having all the paid for buffs active and if so how awesome was it? I’m not sure but I feel like maybe a few caps like gold find and luck would be way over max and some of the buffs might be a waste.

Anyone know?


yup its the best but there is also a green map that is better than red map

So is it worth it to purchase boosts to run the red and green maps or does some sort of cap make it.meaningless to buy the boosts to run those?

boost dont have a cap so its fine

The maps have high bonuses to item gold and everything find so just thought they may not stack well.

Boost added bonuses are always added even if you reached cap. You paid for them, so they need to work even if you are at cap. If you feel you would like to support developers by paying for boots and use them with red/green maps, feel free to do so!

If it does indeed work like I’ve been told it should be off the hook crazy loot drops.

I def support the devs of this game. Spend a pretty penny every week almost and will continue to :smile:

I definitely use monster spawn boosts sometimes, for enslavers to be on every map so i can get more red/green pets :wink:

I was about to use all boosts for the red maps I have. Plus throw on my mythic/crystal gear and go to town.
That was my initial worry, seeing as how the maps have huge bonuses in em anyway, I worried 800 percent item, gold and such find would be absolutely ridiculous lol

If you don’t want to use all the boosts, the monster spawn one is the best, becouse it will give you Enslaver (free pet) every floor while also it will increase the monsters quantity in single map. More monsters = more items/crystals/mythstone. Then you can decide if you want more boosts :slight_smile:

Is it worth it to buy boosts to experience, mob density and all the other boosts when you have a ton of red challenge maps or is there caps on the boosts that would make it a waste to buy them for it?

yes it is worth but you must be a fast killer tp enjoy the boost

Thanks. Been sitting here with 3 high level red maps ready to boost away. Here goes nothing :slight_smile:

I suggest saving more legend maps before doing it, as a boost lasts an hour but the maps will take all of a few minutes to clear each

I have a ton of safe high level maps with increased monster pack as well. Can’t say for certain but when I’ve boosted I’ve used those so far and it seems like there is a lot more packs.

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i cant get a pack size on a red map. would be awesome

it only works at epic affix