Reflect and Redirect Interaction

Hello everyone, as I’m getting quite close to hopefully being able to craft a full set of equipment I am investigating a lot of different build ideas and have stumbled upon something I can’t work out with the Warrior.

(Talent)Reflect; 5% chance per rank to deal reflect DMG on block
(Mythic)Mirrored; Increases reflect DMG by block
(Mythic)Redirect; Increases reflect DMG by dodge and block

(Talent)Reflect; Blocked Attacks Reflect for (rank)% DMG
(Mythic)Mirrored; Reflect DMG increased by block chance
(Mythic)Redirect; Reflect DMG is now also applied to dodged or blocked attacks

I do know that the stats page says Reflect is 4% per rank, I’d also assume this is the number that’s used.

So I understand fundamentally how they are all working the only difference here is the wording, the meaning is the same.

I assume this is the case; the Mythic ‘Redirect’ applies Reflect DMG on dodged or blocked attacks as quoted from the Wiki.

However if this is the case how does the Warrior Talent ‘Reflect’ interact with the Mythic ‘Redirect’?

If they both do the same thing can I just use one or the other or can they both be active at once for extra damage, any clarification here would help thanks :slight_smile:

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I believe the Wiki description is correct for Reflect Talent. extra Reflect dmg when you Block.

all these damage multiply. so with a Talent of 20 and Block of 60% and Redirect, (1.6 x 1.8 x 2) + 1 when you Block. since Redirect uses Block & Dodge, you would lose the 1.8 only when you Dodge.

don’t forget Electrified Set. and also, none of that will work if you don’t have Reflect Damage on at least on of your items.

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Ahh I see, thank you for explaining that.

With reflect damage I was planning on a max block warrior so I shouldn’t lose any damage from reflect damage by dodging because I can’t, although I had overlooked this and is useful to know.

I just wish we had more stash tabs, I use stash 1-4 for mass rolling pack size maps and premium 1 for my legend/eternal pets and only 1 stash for builds :frowning:

Thanks for your help again anyway its nice to see long term players are still active :slight_smile:

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