Hey Guys! I was doing some theorycrafting with reflect damage, electrified and terrashaper set…though the downside is the damage. I havent seen a build due to the flaw. Here are my questions before i make a complete build:

  1. What type of damage is reflect? Is it also considered an attack? (Just to confirm)
  2. Is the damage only applied with MH damage?
  3. Can it proc other skills?
  4. Best mythic skills for it?


Reflect dmg reflects your damage so if you deal high enough dmg, it can reflect that back because it deals MH dmg and not the enemies exact dmg. However, you are casting back the enemies element and sometimes you can elemental crit with the enemy element I think.

Not sure too much about reflect or how to use though.

It can trigger critical dmg, hp on hit. not sure if it procs other skills
best mythic would be Redirect

Interesting topic. I once wanted to explore and make a build around it.
I stopped the moment I learned that it cannot trigger Elemental Critical

Actually i was really into the type of damage…if its considered an “attack” we can play alot of current available builds in the forum like griffins cerebral vortex build which focuses on defense… I already have a theorycraft build but im reluctant to make it cuz i was hoping the reflect dmg is considered an “attack”. I think theres no description in the codex or i might have just missed it.

Quick question : If I use Redirect Mythics along with Manashield, does Manashield damage enemies with dodges and blocks ?