Reflect damage in PvP?

Ive faced people who reflect so much that they never need
to attack, I just die by attacking. I’ve tried making a build like that using reflect damage on every gear piece, electrified set, and mana shield at 40… Yet it doesn’t seem to actually reflect any damage to their HP bars because I still die (granted it takes awhile). What am I missing?

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Its Useless…

Try a mythic redirect ring so that you reflect damage also for any attack blocked or dodged. But the damage is seldom more than double figured

Reflect Damage is useless (very) in pvp…

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So why do I find people in eternal league who never attack, they just sit there with mana shield, but the second I attack them I started dying; they never attack. Are they just modded?

can confirm… although i have no idea how.

Never seen them. Either they didn’t set their A.I or a kiter potentially who sit and do no attacks , just stand there. I knew these opponents existed though.

Trapper confirmed

For example , say you had 600 percent reflect damage you probably get 60 points reflected. They may stack , if not much , with redirectred etc… but it’s not worth it. The only way it could work is if you had awesome health etc.

Is it useless in pvp? I wouldn’t say no because all points count. But a simple epic affix to a attack skill does more

Take this guy as an example. I use a simple rogue with ricochet. This guy only stood there with mana shield, he never attacked. The second I attacked him, my sanctuary triggered and then I died. He never once attacked. How can someone reflect that much?

check logs for sure bro

He’s using glass cannon, push the limit and more attacks. All good. What else was he wearing ?

Unless I’m missing something he didn’t have reflect, his pet and trophy showed ??? So I couldn’t see them though.

Man that is so logical and I didn’t even think of that after the fight, I’ll have to remember to do that.

Push the limit , glasscannon and explosive. Thats what killed you. Do it back :wink:

All eternal in arena isn’t good though.

I agree @CuzegSpiked. I’m having fun with legend deadly sins


does reflect damage stack on each other? sheildwall manashield reflect(affix)