Reflect Damage Question

I’ve been playing for a while and have found answers to all of my questions on this forum until now. With reflect damage it states that it is based on MH damage, is this DPS or the actual MH damage such as 10,000-15,000 value an item gives before applying attack per second to calculate DPS.


  1. Does reflect damage apply per bolt, per attack, so if I have a map with +2 bolt does the damage apply 3x over?

  2. Can reflect damage elemental crit?

  3. Can reflecting damage apply debuffs and weaken?

Thank you!


Reflect Damage is based on MH Damage. since RD requires you to get hit to apply damage to the enemy, DPS doesn’t exactly apply. so it would be the Weapons DMG. an affix like +15% Attack Speed wouldn’t work with RD, since that affix can’t increase the enemies Attack Speed.

if you want to look at it this way, Reflect Damage DPS is based on how many times an enemy hits you in a second. so enemies on increased attack speed maps will increase the DPS of RD. the downside of this is that if the monster doesn’t die before you run out of HP or you can heal enough HP until the monster is dead, then you die instead. and if you are getting attacked by multiple monsters, well, that is tough luck. so Reflect Damage alone isn’t good, no matter how much HP or Healing you have.

Reflect Damage also has Attack Frequency. but this requires the Redirect Mythic, Electrified Set, and at least +50% in both Dodge and Block. +60% for both is better. you could use Epiphany to increase the cap for Dodge and Block, but that means one set less that is increasing RD’s effectiveness in damaging monsters. with these four, multiple monsters at one time is less of a problem, because Redirect allows you to damage enemies by Dodging and Blocking the attack, and Electrified allows RD damage to be returned in a 25 yard AoE centered on your Character. so if you get attacked by four monsters at the same time, get hit by and/or Dodge/Block all 4 of them, all 4 monsters get 4x RD if they are within 25 yards of you.

  1. Plus Extra Bolt means more Reflect Damage, but it also means more chance to die, so Craft your RD Build carefully.

  2. Reflect Damage doesn’t Elemental Crit, so no Elemental Crit Damage either. if there are some enemies nearby under the effects of Frostbiting or High Voltage when you get hit with Electrified equipped, they will increase the damage of RD on those enemies.

  3. Reflect Damage works with Weaken. not sure about any of the Debuffs at this time, as I am still in the research and testing stage. anyone who has answers to the Debuff Question can share now if they want. when using Electrified, I thought I saw Reflect Damage placing Shock Debuff on some monsters, but I am still not sure at this time if that is what I observed, which is why I am still testing and researching.

I have been using Reflect Damage for a few months now on a Farm Build, and this is some of the things I have learned.

Edit: oops I thought it was May of this year! :blush:

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