Reflect Damage Warrior PvP-PvE Build

Perseverance,Wp DMG[L],GC,RD,Block[C]
OH(with SW):Pathfinder

All items with Fire Element

20 DEX,20 WW,20 Spirit,20 SW,20 Fortune

4 Haste,1 Evasion,1 Luck for more Luck on your Battles :yum: I think put the Luck Nature on your MH for more chance :ok_hand:

Of course and a Troophy.

How make axe:epiphany with block? Use osidian?


I think this was an idea @perseusdoge had to make a build.

the Axe is the Wizard Gauntlet Hand of Epiphany that he Jaspered to Warrior.

I think he forgot that you can only roll Block with Obsidian onto the OH Weapon. there are some Warrior Legend Items that have Block on them, so you could find them with a chance for them to be Crystal Block.

I would not go down the reflect damage path. You will get double figures. In pve maybe

I have been killed by Reflect Damage in PVP. those are the RD Builds that were crafted well. it doesn’t help that my PVP builds are still a work in progress. I have a test I want to try that might make Reflect Damage more viable in PVE, but I’m Ascending my Rogue & Warrior Team for now. the problem with RD Builds for higher floors is that RD relies on being attacked, so you have to have Block, Dodge, Electrified Set, and Redirect as the foundation of the Build. also, Reflect Damage has some limitations, one big one being it doesn’t Elemental Crit.


If it could work with ECD we could see Qs dmg.I hope we can do builds with insane DMGs in new game :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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if you Paralyze or Freeze enemies, and then something hits you so you can RD them back while they are in an EC situation, that is the only way RD can take advantage of Frostbiting or High Voltage. RD can’t take advantage of the other 3 ECD’s at all. you would also need Redirect to really make it work.