Reflect DMG

I didn’t see a formula for how Reflect DMG is calculated. Does anyone have that? I am trying to create a similar build to the Hit me till you die build that I saw on this forum already.

I’m not pretty sure about how Reflect damage is calculated, but I think it’s just .25% of enemy’s damage or something lower than that. Too little isn’t it? Yet you could still enhanced that damage by using crushing blow or maybe pair it with Electrified set so that all those damage can be reflected to a large number of mobs.

As stated in the affix description, it is a % of your MH. So what ever damage you have pre skill mod for MH, it will be multipled by the reflect% of the affix.

In PVP reflect DMG is nerfed to prevent passive gameplay.

Does reflect damage proc hp on hit?

@Msiiek Yes it does!

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I already answered that in a previous On Hit tread. EVERYTHING (Except DoT’s) that damages an enemy will heal you. Reflect DMG is no different than any other DMG except nerfed in PVP.