Regarding loot, easy-mythic only difference is 350% stackable luck?

EDIT: So I’ve never been one for looking at the codex. I just saw that lots of items you can only acquire while on mythic 3…I guess I just saw so many posts talking about farming floor 200 non stop…but I guess that’s mostly for Enslavers for eternal pets.

So I realize the higher floor you’re at the more rare items you can acquire. When you look at Easy-Mythic as far as loot’s concerned, the only difference is 350% stackable luck correct? Because when you get maps, the luck can vary from 10-1400.

I guess I always just assumed if you play a floor on mythic you get more percs for loot than just the 350% luck? Should I just be playing on easy to farm? Is there something I’m overlooking besides the 350% luck?

Because I’ll be playing mythic and run into a rare mob that takes FOREVER to finally kill, and I’ll think to myself "if this was on easy mode, I could have killed this mob instantly and the only draw back is 350% luck?

Is there anything I’m over looking?

Some items only drop on harder difficulties. Less of an issue now since you can unlock items with dust but sometimes it’s a lot of dust to unlock certain items

That 350% Gold Find and Luck is immensely helpful in farming at mythic 3 and even more so with crushing flames. Obviously item drops is used. For exp farming , that 175% EXP Gain from M3 is hidden but it definitely gives you exp gain above cap.

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Is every mob Rare - Epic hard to kill ? Or just the ones have greatly resist ur attacks ?
If it is the first case, u should play at lower Difficulty like Epic or Legend.
If the 2nd case, use Ascendent/Prismatic/Elements, it’s be much more easier :blush:

Free 350% gold find and luck saves a lot of slots.