Regarding talents and items' special skills

Hey, How or where can I identify those?

Blue arrows = mainhand skills.
Green arrows = special skills.

Talents can be viewed in this tab in the stat-section.

Both stats can be rerolled using either amber or citrine:)

Actually offhand skills are skills like manashield, summon, coat, vault, sprint and others but they are offhand primary. Offhand secondary are things like shatter, guardian, torrent, stealth, etc.

Ah - I got it wrong then (probably wont be the last time:P)

Special skills were right at least, so he got his awnser.
The main-hand skills are the one in the big circle and the one on the middle.
The off-hand skills are the first and third small circles.
The special skills are the second and third on small circles. (Main-hand special 2nd and off-hand special 3rd).
Talents you can check on stats page like Wack printed or under the Armor value on each item.