Regeneration and prevention

Is it just me or is hp reg extremely broken in arena? I lost the last 15 games in mythic league due the regeneration of others. How the fck should i be able to kill somebody if they instantly reg their whole hp inbetween 1 sec and just 1shot you afterwards. I really think that regenerarion and leech needs a big nerf in arena, also if the opponent uses sanctuary (which about 90% of all enemies i encountert have) its nearly impossible to win.

Most good PvP builds (not top notch just like a decent PvP build) well be able to out DPS the max possible regen by a long shot which requires a ridiculous amount of investment :smile:

Less players in top league uses regen build since it really needs tons of investment on affixes as griffin said thus u sacrfice some dps and defensive affixes.

U need to pump ur hp it is possible to achieve 60-100k ho while maintaining 500-750+dmg depends on ur build. U need to be tanky while having decent dps if u wna climb in the league

Im playing freeze skull gauntlet wiz and i had about 80% wins until i got to division 1 mythic. Now i encounter mostly samctuary and shittons of reg.

@Cyrukh yup specialy when u reach eternal top league mostly have sanctuary amulet and all had cerebral vortex affix and some got terrashaper. U will have hard time bursting them with low hp value since torrent and eartshatter will hit u when u atk that deals tons of dmg. Mostly rogue got decent dmg with 70-100khp and lots of warriors got 100-200k+ hp. Just keep experimenting and play pvp ul learn lots of things later on from ur xperience

Especially torrent and riochet is annoying. Riochet 2shots me most of the time and the range is ridiculous. I played riochet rogue from normal to legend d1 league in few hours because of the op range, just like the mythic arc. Torrent is on the other hand just stupid. The proc is so freaking random and no matter what range you are, about 3 torrents spawn right inside your character and you die instant. Its annoying if you cant even play because you get 1shottet at the start.

@Cyrukh cerebral vortex set affix has no set of range as long as someone atk u whatever yards hes in der a chance that torrent wil proc under his char same with terrashaper affix. Ricochet build is nkt.viable is this current.pvp meta and.other autoattacks builds. Cuz u will just eat torrents and earthshatters. Best way to fix ur prob is to make ur char tankier while dealing decent dps to burst them

This thread might help you give u some idea for.pvp

Does earthshatter cast on them to if it’s from terrashapper? Doesn’t have as noticable animation and I’m always teleporting all over the place so it’s hard to tell.

For the guy with the Regen problem you definitely need more hp maybe couple decent proc skills to help add a little dmg

@Gummy yup earthshatter hits u back %chance procing at ur feet if.u hit someone with terrashaper affix it quite deal a decent dmg

Well its currently not an option for me to just gain more health while also doing lot of dmg. I dont have much crystals nor mythstones and i have about 10k gold right now. It took me about 5 hours to get a necklace with 3 slots which i edited to 4 slots with a crystal i luckily found while farming (else i would still search for 4slot necklace) for my sanctuary neck. Now i still need the return mythstone and im nowhere close getting it. Only thing i could do is adding more hp but i loose a lot of ice dmg and its my only dmg source. Also i’ve seen a lot of people in high eternal ranks with less hp than me. Also i dont wanna change to manashield build, but stay on skullshield gauntlet

Thats my current build. Not that awesome but like mentioned i got to mythic d1 from legend d2 in maybe 3 hours arena. There is not much i can change with my current stuff. Im farming return ms for sanc necklace, also have obsidian so i probably crystalize it also. Maybe someone have few tips, would be great. Also i created the wiz yesterday, so i was pretty lucky with them stats, most of the gear is still from lvl 1

@Cyrukh i advice that u first farm nadjori ring and necklase for +2allset affix then farm eternalize mh and crystaline head or vice versa then craft hunter ring then spam opening wells and shrines in floor 101 or 200 no need to kill mibs on map insta reopen the floor the repeat it again. Then ul get tons of eternal or.crystal gear at the end of.the day then convert them for.ultra rare crystal “can be really quite pricey when ur just starting out” then u also lvl up as u farm then start doin ascesio. When ever u hit 99 prioritize fortunate dealer treasured perks

I have both nadroji ring and neck on my warrior and eternalized fortune luck helmet. I always farm on my warrior for stuff, so should i just hire wiz for wiz drops and keep farming with him? Or should i just respec both nadroji from warrior to wiz? Also i tried to do the converting farm but 500k is for me still pretty much just for 1 crystal. I have lvl 99 rogue and warrior still no ascension, so should i do this first? And if so then i still have to lvl my wiz since he is only 57.

@Cyrukh get dealer perk if u then ascend ur warrior then use ur rogue transfer all farming gears to him maximize droprate luck and goldfind and get ur warrior as hireling add.xp.myths on him so that u lvlup ur newascend char while farming in wells and shrines with hunter ring. Ucan also go easy mode.for.faster.kill as.long as u got.good.luck and droprate to back u up. Try farming in 101 or 200

I farm pretty easy m3 with my rog so that shouldnt be a problem^^.
So i jasper now both nadroji neck and ring to my rog. Good think i have eternalized helmet also with my rog. Also i got a pretty strong weapon for my warr but i dont know exactly where to use it. Eternal masochism axe with barbarian.

@Cyrukh yup its better if u also had crystaline. Goodluck. Just be patient in in farming u really invest some time to it. Use bomb oh in rogue so that u can go to.wells.and shrines location much faster.usjng vault

I was using riochet and vial for pvp but thanks for the help. Guess i farm few hours now :wink:

One last question: should i keep nadroji ring or create hunter ring? Since i have also nadroji neck.

@Cyrukh u can craft hunter.ring using nadjori ring just remove other affixes. Remain the nadjori and +2all.set affix. But if u can remove nadjori if.u already have nadjori on neck