Hello this is my 1st time posting here at this forum (also might be the last so bear with me please).

But I’m an old player (quite), found this game 4 yrs ago, remembered and installed it again. I remembered using that warrior whirlwind build which utilizes earthshatter and bloodmagic, my 1st ever build actually.

This time I picked mage. I’m at awe at that Aftermath build I saw from scrolling in this forums (I did’nt made an acct). Those teleports, satisfying meteors raining down chaos and most importantly a spam skill. I got into rare rebirth, but cuz of that one stupid idea, I changed into rogue thinking of a build around aftermath. I do not know that you can’t upgrade skills that aren’t from your class, idiot me.

I learned my lesson and started looking here and reading old posts and ideas. I’m surprised there’s pvp so I tried playing thinking of doing those iconic tp meteor spam, but to my surprise it wasn’t like what I expected, all skills toned down and the meta.
Got stressed so I made many variations of the build based on ideas from here.

I made my own aftermath build and updated it 5 times affected and inspired by debates of different players and their views. But everything changed when I read that one old post. Cuz that post totally ruined my whole build idea and also shouldn’t been there at the first play.

“Sets bonuses are still usable even if you don’t have the required no. of the same set equipped.” I didn’t believe it at first and tested it equipping that druidic amulet with hp regen. And it does. That totally shot me down. Cuz my idea is having a build good for pvp and pve. I can’t use that hp regen bonus in pve if I only have one equipped if I have two it’ll be a waste of slot in PvP.

Yeah I know some will say, “Just buy another slot and make it as pvp character, simple.” Well I tell you that won’t work for me.

In my humble opinion, I suggests that, that “bug” should be removed or patched if possible. It’ll be more fun if players got limitations on their current sets equipped not just the stats, just like in pve. Like if you want that crushing flames bonus, you need 4 of em equipped.

But it’s just an opinion. I understand that the game is quite old now, I also read in some posts that theres problems regarding the source code and APIs, but man, this game is still a banger. I honestly enjoyed it. Really do.

For the devs, thank you very much for making this game. It helped me a lot to fight stress and worries especially during the pandemic. Also, I’m excited about DQ2 , take your time I’ll wait. Hope that bug wasn’t on that tho. Hehe new sets? Skills? Mythics? Arena Overhaul (fixed bug* issue)? Man I’m ecstatic.

Ps. Wish I never encountered that post and stayed an idiot. Lolz :rofl:

-random guy named Haru :coffee:

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What I do is that I have 4 sets of gear on my account.
• A pve farming build
• A exp farming build
• A lv1 build to have decent gear after ascension
• A pvp build

Btw, Aftermath is really crazy with the Discordance mythic, allowing you to just spam meteors without needing Shatter.

The Rogue has something crazier than Aftermath for pve, which is permastealth. It gives you 100% dodge.

when I first got into DQ, I had 1 Character slot for almost a year and changed Classes so many times. I wanted Rogue 1st but Chakram was so hard to use, then went to Wizaard and fell in love with Staff (Comet with Twister or Storm) using Elementalist Talents. eventually I tried Warrior and kind of thought it sucked. but every time I got an idea for a different Class, I Deleted and started over. again & again & again… you get the idea. when a friend got me a gift card, I got 2 more Character slots and the permanent Map.

over the years I got more stuff from the Shop with real money and still have lots of ideas for builds. I don’t hate the Warrior Class anymore (I really like using the Hammer with OH to be determined), I got better with the Chakram and am thinking of trying out Dagger, and I’m still learning more about Wizard builds and making them.

Welcome to DQ Forums @uraHShun ! hopefully your encouraging post will energize @tdaniel and the other Dev’s in the midst of all their hard work.

they just had an update a few weeks ago to have DQ compliant with newer phones.

Welcome welcome, you are in great hands as well Golem and DuDono has been VERY VERY long time players.


I just got my 7 year Badge recently.