Release the new patch

When will the REALEASE of the new patch? And what are the new updates in the game?

Im waiting too.

The next patch shall release fairly soon no specific release date though just needs a few final touches :slight_smile:

Any leek from the new update,? I mean is there a new set affix? Or new pets?

waiting for new update

Shhhh, don’t tell

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Lol now i get it. Release the new patch of these. Leeks.

I have to do a few more things I need to test and I am waiting on a test device to show up so I can make sure we support new wide screen phones.

Hopefully I will have the phone monday or tuesday (april 17/18). Then I can test it out and get the patch ready for release.


You are waiting for samsung S8/S8+ :smile: , waiting for good news.

yup. Just need to be able to test it on actual hardware to make sure we are g2g.

Go Devs.