Relic Challenges

I recently went back through some of the early acts to complete challenges I hadn’t quite completed on my initial run through. Mostly it was just chests and gold however I also had several Relic challenges incomplete (most with 1-2 relics to collect).

Unfortunately, despite running the relevant acts through dozens of times (easily 50 total runs of relevant levels) I have not collected a single missing relic. If I am remembering correctly (it’s been a week or two) they would just randomly drop from chests, golden chests, and/or magic+ enemies but despite slaughtering tons of chests and opening countless enemies I have not been able to find a thing…

At first, I thought this might be because I was using an Imp – maybe they are counted as “normal” items such that the imp is converting them? That would certainly be an impish thing to do… so I snagged an Adventure Doge real quick thinking that surely such a noble canine wouldn’t repeat the imps ignoble thefts, and yet I still couldn’t get a single relic to drop.

Honestly I’m not sure if this is a bug related to 1.6 (it could be that Crystals and Mythstones are on the same drop table as Relics and are pushing them off?) or if I am just misremembering how I got the numerous Relics I already have, or if I am just having an absolutely INCREDIBLE streak of bad luck.

Anyone care to correct me if I am wrong about how/where they are supposed to drop or confirm whether they have seen Relics drop since 1.6 (and on a character that is already well past those acts, in case it matters)?

Relic challenge will be deleted in 1.7 for something else
Don’t bother to do them :laughing:

go stats/adventure then click challenges so you can see all your achievements there.

[quote=“Diieter”]Relic challenge will be deleted in 1.7 for something else
Don’t bother to do them :laughing:[/quote]

Eh just trying to get the 10%(ish) elemental damage that I am short for the mean time – WW warrior is having trouble increasing damage to keep pace with enemy HP increases at around floor 245 right now.

@Khel: I can see what I’m missing in the challenges section, I’m saying I see that I am missing Relics from certain levels and can’t seem to get them to drop…

ohh sorry i misunderstood… that’s probably a bug.

No problem – appreciate you trying to help in any event!

Obviously my backup plan is Diieter’s recommendation of just not worrying about it for now, but anyone else have any info on whether they are getting Relics in 1.6?

I have had a few users complain about this on Google play as well. We will look at this before we submit our update patch this weekend.