Removing ads and keeping the in game store

I’m just posting this mainly because your game has the most potential out of almost every game right now, the only thing stopping it from having 5 stars and not 4.5 is ads. Without ads this game would be 2 times as successful I promise you. This was written on a phone I just want to know your feedback on my opinion.

Ads are removed with any purchase in the shop. The ads provide money for the developers until you as the player decide to provide.

Of course this game would be even better without - but unless people are willing to pay for the app (lowering the amount of players A LOT) or be “forced” to buy in-game, you better not complain.

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After playing the game for 15 minutes and realizing its potential 99cents to remove adds is above and beyond fair. I still buy luck charms every now and then just to support the developers.

We are always looking for ways to help fund our development and make our users happy. While we have not found a way to remove ads entirely, we are always actively looking for methods to monetize our game that do not alienate our user base! Thanks very much for the feedback and for playing!

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