Hi, is there a way to remove that “resource cost” stat?
If can’t, then…
What is resouce cost do?


There’s no way to remove that sky blue affix or the 40% Resource Cost I think.


yes you can. using quartz.


If he’s going to use Quartz some of the affixes or almost all of the affixes will be erased.
Anyways, RESOURCE COST can help you a lot by reducing the resource your using like MP or HP if you’re using BLOODMAGIC SET Just keep it for now. It helps a lot.


unfortunately yes. thats why i dont even touches that Quartz crystal. :frowning:


Yes definitely. Better build another set of affixes in a new item


I only use Quarts when I want to clear off an item fast for testing purposes. some people use it to take the Set Bonus off of an item, but it might take a few tries to get the results you want. otherwise, it is only good for getting the next higher or lower Crystal.