[Reports Only] Report Cheaters & Hackers

And sera is for ascendent

That is why this is a hacker report.


Can you please check this account? I think the gold is questionable. Thanks in Advanced.

You can really catch a fish by it’s mouth


this is a cheater all of his 6 items are all modified

i’m not an expert but i think this isn’t legit
all the other pieces are like this i can only upload 1img

ETERNAL cognition is edited.

Been playing Battle Arena today and I think I fought a whole bunch of cheaters in the eternal league.

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By being a cheater.

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ooh i thoughts it’s real GM

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[Defamatory comment.]

EAC on pet

Another hacker. Please do something.

please look at codex it seems legit

@Badass may not be aware that Eternal+Crystal can happen, they’re just rare.

Though the idea of a hacker using epic and normal items amuses me.

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Flagging cheaters here and closing thread. Opening new thread here: [REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers