[Reports Only] Report Cheaters & Hackers

If you find any cheater or hacker in arena, please report them here. :slight_smile:
For any discussions or questions please use this topic: [Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

General Flagging condition:

Cheating/Hacking Report Guideline:

Please make sure your report is including following information:

Arena ID:
Screenshot of the modified item:

When is someone cheating/hacking?

If you see someone with one of the following items:

- Modified Eternal items
- Modified Legend Items
- Modified Pet
- Modified Trophy


Modified Eternal items:

Mythic affix on an Eternal item:

An Eternal Item cannot have Mythic Affix on it.
Exceptions for Eternal item with following names:
Fabled Blade, Unreal Hood, Fabled Staff

The name of those eternals doesn’t change, if you’re adding a Mythic Affix on them.

Impossible Stats on an Eternal item:

There is no way to change any affixes on an eternal item.

Modified Legend items:

  • An item with more than one Crystal or Set affix.
  • An affix is multiple times on an item.

Modified Pet:

You cannot get any Legend nor Crystal affix on a pet.

Modified Trophy:

Tropy can only have special arena skills and the Gladiator set affix, otherwise it’s an modified item.

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That crystal pet is funny… gives new meaning to “pet rock”.


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Reason: Was a cheater in open beta but still in the official arena.
I guess the item checker edited the equips already as Simba pet doesn’t have affixes.

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Reason: Eternal Shibe with Momentum set affix
Name of weapon is Eternal Astral Shroud as I know Astral Shroud is a chest piece

Name of Eternal Rage Shield (Combination of affix not possible as a eternal)
Name of Lanced is Eternal Flintlock (Combination of affix not possible as a eternal)
Eternal Rage has a ninja set affix

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Lilith with momentum set affix
Eternal Furor as a name. Has WD Affix on a helm
Eternal Heipao has rage as set affix

Reason: Name of equip is Sankara Band (Sankara band is a ring)

Eternal Boundless cap with wrong affixes.
Eternal Odyssey with momentum set affix

All marked, thanks Emman!


In beta was some sort of glitch when you completely disenchant any legend. I had a snow lion’s roar helm once.

Then again… the item in question is eternal, so that’s a hack.

@SteigerBox Glad to help. ^^

@ocenyx, If that’s the case. I am not sure about this one that I reported.
I think it was only the name of this equip that warranted a report as I didn’t have any other screenshot of the equips

Reason: Name of equip is Sankara Band (Sankara band is a ring)

Didn’t know that we had a glitch that change a name.

Reason: Steiger’s fortune is a wiz sword.
Wiz sword jaspered to Rouge is Dagger.

But I can’t confirm if he/she had a bug like ocenyx that changes it name >.>
Still reporting anything that I find not possible

Reason: Eternal Bane with inferno set affix.

Reasons: Crystal Affix on Eternal item, Momentum Set affix on epic pet