[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers

Impossible items by codex.


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No such option of a Battlemage pet in codex. No legend affix available on any eternal pet other than deadly sins.

Impossible by codex. Hacked items. I won :ghost:

Not possible!!!

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Ohh look its so very hardly cheater.

And the MMR whas edeted deducted. did i get 2.3k MMR in a few minute. :scream: it’s so impossible.

this is my first repport seen’s if i join on to this journalys.



It is still unsafe.

Thanks for the upcoming remedy

It has been reviewed it is not a hacked account

You can’t get 2 set affixes on an item (Eg overload and terrashaper ). Impossible by codex comparison.

This is the reason why most of the best legit players quit. It looks like even the devs are not knowledgeable if the account is hacked or not. How can 2 set affixes be on an eternal pet? How can an eternal pet have crystal and legend affixes?

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I know that this is not a hacked account. Its a dev account that we are using for testing purposes while we work on the upcoming changes for patch 3.2.



Man you could have told us about that earlier.
Anyway, thanks for the response.

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He has more cheated items but I don’t have good internet connection to upload them right now.


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Sure this one’s just very lucky but there are other lucky items in his inventory right?

@tdaniel. Thanks for being active in responding to reports, especially to reports from players living in the eastern hemisphere. :sleeping:

This hacker is weak

And maybe another one

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Hey is that why I’m banned league because my character list was posted next to hacked players and so got tagged alongside. Any ideas @Golem.


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