[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers

Reason: Hacks everywhere.


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I’ll just report and report suspects. They are getting really good at going under the radar. There has been an influx of them since the last series of build reveals.


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I don’t see why the Eternal Divination Neck equipment is illegal in KHIME. Is because a perfect all resist? Since it is hard to obtain but not impossible.
I don’t like Hackers, but in the same way i wouldn’t like that people get trow to a banned league for having a perfect roll in an Eternal Piece.
Ps: I hope that in DQ2 the system detect illegal alterations in equipment and autoban the player, that would be better for all, the base of legal game players and the game itself.


I only report the impossible. I don’t report exceptionally fortunate drops like I would not report people for winning the lottery or for being struck by lightning.

In some cases its not the equipment that is an issue at all.

Nice avatar btw!


Hey what about my avatar ? :frowning:

Oh ok. Thanks for the info. :smile: I love Street Fighter, my origin were the ATARI games but that game was an improve in game play when it was launch.

I had an atari. I remember the revenge of shinobi, golden axe and sonic the hedgehog and streets of rage.

Woah Dickwad the Bad Wolf. I bet we are contemporaneous. :+1:

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( Cough ! ) my first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum @Ariel . :open_mouth:

I dint had a computer until i reached the University, but i had 11 years when that computer was released. :crazy_face:

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I was 13 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I gave your dr who-vatar props ages ago :joy:


Thanks :tired_face:

Another hacker with no concept of not looking obvious .

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Yeah @NUIQUE ive been seeing a lot more of this with +170 all resist and sometimes +6 on torrent.

The hackers are getting sneakier


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