[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers

2 separate hackers…

Arena ID: DARZ021
Reason: modded eternal items

Reason: modded eternal items

Seriously? Erase keeps popping up… ban that IGN additionally this time please.

What do you meaning popping up Sir @Midlumer? If your reffering about my eternal pet i found it by farming. I use that eternal pet (element) because it suit my build i use scalp as my main attack.

Well that pet ain’t found, you know that, I know that. As well as there has been an Erase already IG that got banned some months ago.

Hmm. What a coincidence. If you want us to believe you found that pet show us how many hours you’ve played, monster spawns you’ve bought and legends you’ve found. With three chars that all have 0 ascensions.


@Midlumer not all who pop up are not legitimate this erase that you are reporting is one of my. Colleagues in Allstar he always asked us what todo what build nor what to farm almost 8 hours a day if you want i can translate all chat from allstar with him asking too much how to rebuild and defeate and gets on top… Erase is pureply legitimate … i came here to verify not to raise anything thanks and chill pill

Because I’ve never seen people from Allstar cheat? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: sorry mate, I’ve been pet hunting a lot and I see an edited one right away. Fits too perfectly, sorry.

As I said, an IGN Erase was already banned once. It is actually an in-your-face action to create a forum account and IGN with that name again after being banned @Erase so don’t wonder being reported with a pet like that. Cheat smarter.

As I said show me legends found, number of monster spawns bought and that there are three other chars on that account with eternal ascension and I might consider believing it.

Well if thats how you really judge how to cheat its up to you… but knowing that person supports the dq community even paying for vanities and farming for long time. And stpped pvp for a month doesnt mean he just popped up and cheat… anyways ciao… @Erase dude post uour legend founds and exp include the reciept that you have maybe they at some point they would realise reporting a wrong person ayt

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Dont worry he will he might put it one and laminated it and post it just to convince you

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It is on the basis of mathematical possibility. Nothing personal, not a belief, it is a 99.9999% safe fact. As I said, if there exists proof that he farmed 100 times longer than I did I will change my mind.


Yup. Second that on agreement! Maths is the best for that reason and science. No need to believe in anything as the thing that’s here is directly proven , though you can discuss theories and ideas.

bizzaro im helping…bizarrrro (if you’re looking for me you can check under the sea)



Interesting topic, I didnt know Elements which is by far the most common eternal pet if you were to get one is now considered a cheater’s go to pet. Especially with those crappy affixes. Terrible choice if he was cheating? But ill leave this one to the devs.

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If you knew the char you’d know why he chose those affixes on Spark. And I’m not saying it was a smart decission :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Yeah. It doesn’t work like All Resist affix. The chance of the spell being cast for free but as different element isn’t that high with elements either. Should have chose orb with elements and discordance rogue. I’m not saying it’s worth it but elements on a Battlemage character I don’t see it too good.

5th time I meet hacker this day . Please Fix .

ill report all of ign ill face on arena with eternal pets! mathematical basis right? lel

Lol. This is kinda funny. Reported just because of a crappy Eternal Pet? @Midlumer then why won’t you ask @Eater bout his perfect Eternal Fauna? Just because you don’t believe on luck doesn’t mean you will brag with your genius basis mathematical calculations. That pet is too far from perfection as you can see. Luckilly, he made a good build out of it. So what are you crying about? and also [quote=“Midlumer, post:620, topic:9703”]
Because I’ve never seen people from Allstar cheat?
[/quote] if you’re doubting our legitness then free to report. We’re all willing to cooperate to hand all our members IGN’s list to the Developers to be checked. There are no cheaters in AS. They are burned to stake! ERASE is legitimate. As you can see, he got banned a few months ago and got restored back to the normal League because he’s proven to be legit. And now, you want to send him to the banned league again? that’s ridiculous.

@f00kee Yeah your right if i were cheating why would i choose that crap affix , even a birdbrain will aggree that affix is crap for pvp. Ive been using that pet of mine since the last patch. @CuzegSpiked why im using element set on my build becoz its good on my build (not tanky). I use only charge and scalp, charge for fast manuvers/escaping, scalp serves two purpose offense & defense. In all oh special skill scalp has the fastest reduced cooldown and by using Eternal Hatchet Vengeance (all affix are usefull) with the combination of that eternal pet (element) and planning to put clearcast in the future what do we got alot of scalp flying around. My build is not tanky i just wait for my prey i dont attack just lure them on that scalp or leave scalp fot those spammers. I know you got the idea now why element on my build.

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@CuzegSpiked my mistake its Eternal Hatchet Vibroedge (Living Force)

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This is very funny telling erase eternal pet is cheat. :joy: and saying that it fits too perfectly with those affixes. :joy: . @Midlumer man if you say erase pet is cheat then tell me something about the pet of @Eater as @TYRON said. Waiting for your reply @Midlumer