[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers

Ran into an acount named SAMEOLDDUDE that has edited eternal items on multiple of his charecters. Includeing a eternal macochists edge of the satyrs spirit, a eternal stone of nadori of vampirisum, a eternal symatry of bucaneer, a rouge with a eternal frozen sheild of blood magic, and… ok you know what theres so many edited items across all his charecters that it would just not be worth it to mention them all.

Woaah :star_struck: so many players reported

Yeah. What can i say, i like to pvp and I like to wreak and report hackers. :slight_smile: though if were gonna talk we probably should do it on the discusion page for hackers and stuff. Definatly would like to chat.


Whats your nickname?

My acount name is sir fuzzy, but my main is socretese. Hes the only one i actualy pvp on. edit also thank you for your hard work and diligence staff and creators of dungeon quest. EDIT found another guy by the name of ZEVITHRIUS, he posesses a ruptured skull. And also another dude who poseses an arc skull by the name of ASTEROIDS.

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Welp, first cath of the day, found a hacker named ZHEYLYN with a full set of hacked eternal items includeing a masochists edge of the pluaged, a ten shi edge of the drudic, and the rest i think in theroy looks legit if not for the fact they are all perfectly rolled. Shall we send this one to the shadow realm? :slight_smile: EDIT found another dude by the name of CHRONOSCEPTER he posesses a eternal golexes gauntlet of aftermath and a full set of edited eternal items on his rouge.

Ran into a dude named THACHCOOKIES with a rouge who posesses a eternal hunger bow of vampirisum, a eternal frigtening choker of the pluaged a perfectly rolled trophy, a eternal bane pet with ledgendairy afixes and battle mage aplied to it, a eternal vengence of path finding, and a eternal cognition ring of momemtum. Aldo a side note, this dude acording to in game stats has had a total of 3834 battles, which kinda is impresive considering i have around 1848 acording to stats but how did he make it through so many battles with out any one noticeing? Im pondering whether or not theres a hack that gets people out of banned leauge. EDIT the battle was fairly plain, i won, but what i want to note is for some reason when his name apeared whenever i defeated him and his name apears on screen anounceing his loss his named reads as THACHCOOKIES-_-


Welp, thats enough of a break, back to the atack. Ran into a dude today named MOR3EB who posess aeternal frightwning choker of cosmic power, a eternal insolence bracer of the satyrs spirit and a eternal nadjoris ring of cosmic power.


Welp found another one, ran into a dude by the name of SAVAGEBABY who posess a eternal eiesheth ring of adventure and a eternal nightsong with no drudic bonus and a eternal lilith of momentum. Honestly how why hack if you dont use it to create efective builds? Dosent adventure only have use out side the arena where theres gold? Any how have a wonderfull day.

Ran into a dude by the name of XXL4GG3R who across three acounts has a selection of hacked items includeing a eternal wild fire of cosmic power, a eternal storm of blood magic, you know just a lot of edited items surounding the eternal wildfire hood for some reason. I guess the guy just has a fasination with wild fires i supose, not that smokey would be happy, but any how.

So i decided to waltz on over to 2v2 and found another hacker. He goes by the name of SHAINSSS and has a eternal pairity of fauns gifts, and a eternal symetry of the pluaged. Cant wait to send this one to the shadow realm hmm? :slight_smile:


He/she on the top div 1
Edited eternal Poise(ring)

Amazing eternal pet
Will you check this guy sir?

He also have perfect stats on his eternal trophy

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Edited eternal item

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Demonic aura in early total match

Please check it sir

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Horror :new_moon_with_face::jack_o_lantern: