[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers


All these people bitter cause those have been reported have been very lucky in their loots hahahaha


An obsidian affix in an Eternal Legend isn’t a lucky find. Not unless the person editing the items miraculously and conveniently forgets ever forging them.

Lucky loots. LOL! :joy::joy::joy:

Unlucky noobs. :cry:


You can indeed find crystal affixes in legit eternals by luck or by Crafting with dust many times with Crystalline. RNG be on your side for that one but I’ve found plenty of them.

It’s only not ok if the eternal is modified to have crystal affix.

E.g, Eternal Steigers Fortune but with 20% Weaken crystal affix as well as a set affix in the eternal and other things that make the eternal count as modified. The original Steigers Fortune sword has no set affix and is comprised of farm affixes .

I have a feeling some of the reported ones are fishy but there are others that are justified to be reported (e.g modified pet, eternal, crystal affix on pet, legend affix on pet, etc).




Having eternalize, crystalline & fortunate perk will do but its still so rare to drop eternal legend w/ Crystal affix :frowning:
Ps. Not sure with the fortunate ahhahahaaha forgot what perk is it… Im talking about the perk that increases the crystal and eternal drop rate :slight_smile:


Yeah but now you can get eternals with crystal Affixes easily through dust crafting and wearing Crystalline after you unlocked it or found that eternal. It’s easier than ever before but still expensive and tricky.
Even then, there will always be the modified eternal existing.


Yet in another thread concerning crystal affixes it was said by a mod that any eternal legend with a crystal affix is assumed a modified item?

Perhaps the reason it’s so unfathomly rare and unique is because it’s a bug of sorts ?

You aren’t lucky by those standards.
You’re just shy of it and came in unfortunate. :sweat_smile:?!?!?

And yeah I’m just juggling with assumptions and what seems logical.

I still believe an Eternal Legend with a crystal affix is Nada more than an oopsie. And it should be appreciated on a wall… In a frame.


And right on schedule it seems :sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile:


And this is legitimate bitterness for legitimate equipment. Simply because of the concept. Props to this dude for crafting like a machine. :joy::ok_hand:t2:

I still minced ‘em tho’ :mask:




Not necessarily reporting hacks but what happened to the set affixes on these pets ? I’ve seen many more.



For them 1 epic affix > set affix​:joy::joy:


You can remove set affix on pet by kyanite. At least on legend pets


Srsly ?! :fearful:

No comment. :disappointed_relieved:

But thanks… Uh, useful to know…now.



all reiewed


Masters, i got an eternal items with crystal affixes using crsfting. Is it legal right ?


Of course lol.


Im just asking haha , i dont want my character to be posted here HAHHA.


lol…orange pets have sets? And why do some people have gear with, “???” stats? Are they cheating too or is it a bug?