[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers


It means that it is hidden, so that you cannot copy their build :joy::joy:


Ooo. How do I do that? :slight_smile:


And red pets can have no sets? Lol.


I don’t know also, i thought the affixes of the item is.hidden if that person is higher than your rank? Thats what i think I’m not sure really hahahah.







My starting HP tho’ HAHA :joy:




:smile: :point_down:t2: :wheelchair: :fire: :ok_hand:t2:


His equipment has been modified!


@CupidStunts @Peaceful

Those are all legit items. All items have a chance to be eternal, and all eternal items have a chance to have a crystal affix. You can easily tell if the item is modded if the eternal item has affix that does not belong on the default/ orginal item.

It is not uncommon to have eternal item with crystal affixes if you have a really good farming set.


That gameguardian logo in the corner such a irony


Nice one peaceful XD HAHAHA well, you got yourself be reported :joy::joy:




Yep this was clarified to me earlier. I got mislead by an outdated thread which I didn’t follow up on.

We’re all cucumber now yo’ :ok_hand:t2::facepunch:t2:


HP and MP are always full!!!
I think there is something abnormal here, he (JWS - IMMORTAL) constantly filled with HP and MP, please check for help, thank you!


Oh come on, why did u edit it? :<



JWS is legit lol. He’s @Midlumer . Also this type of build isn’t new. It’s been around ever since arena existed but only now it’s been seen alot more. I assure you, this build can be made legit and I defeated him with hit frequency orbs after many rounds.

This build is called the Immortal Build or the Frustrating Build.


Hehe thanks for the recognition, but I assure you that is a legit build ;). Just really high absorption and 1-2 a bit more hidden mechanisms.

Thanks man!