[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers


JWS is legitimate. You, unfortunately, are not legitimate. Rationale --> posted Gameguardian usage and tried to cover up with edited picture (see below).



That’s we’re talking about earlier hahaha, maybe he is reporting himself ?




2 separate cheaters

Arena ID: Paulz
Reason: modded eternal items

Arena ID: Natusvnzel
Reason: modded eternal items


Edited Pet and every other gear.



Edited Pet!




About pet you can delete set affix with kyanite, like mine

but it’s different story if they have lagend affix in pet, coz we can’t add lagend affix on pet…


-Modified Eternal item


Thanks Irvan!


When you too OP and people start calling you cheater… My dream hahaha


:smile: thanks but the credit belongs to others :wink:


Ikr. Also that happened to me when they call me cheater for using root even though I don’t use root to hack and cheats.


Lol hahahaha


I admire you so much! You can share with me … :smiley:


Sorry, I can’t share a full build of course… But you could start by reading my damage guide and I’m always willing to answer specific questions ;).


Ok so i havent posted here for a while please check this out…
Is this just a bug because i dont think lilith should look like this…


you can buy pet skins, some free some you have to pay


Lol i did not think of that at all hahah stupid me heheheh