[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers


Good luck on climbing to eternal teacup! :grinning:




Removed them


Why not sir? If you have more dust then you can unlock it.


@UltraX That item is only obtainable thru Arena reward chest. It can’t be crafted by dust and also he change the setaffix which is gladiator to permafrost which is impossible to do in eternal item…


That pic is 100 %edited, your first screenshot post is gladiator and i was checking on eternal legendex it was there worth of 14k dust



Oh my bad I didn’t notice that


Modified Mutiny and perfect pet




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please keep this thread for only reporting issues you see in the arena. If you need to discuss this please use the discussion thread.

I am pruning a few of the recent posts here and moving the posts not directly related to reports over to the discussion thread.


This account is definitely faulty AF.

He still sucks tho’.

Have no idea how it’s in eternal league.


Edited eternal items and pets


GOB strikes again


The GOB Strikes back , star wars episode 8 .


GOB, God Of Build??? or God Of Banned???


Both lol.




Hacked rings

Didn’t matter tho