[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers





As the title says, it was too shocking, i almost think i am in cheater’s league or was i? XD


Well… The chances of seeing such perfectly rerolled items are rather low, but you can’t say for sure that he is hacking, even tho yeah the chances are that he is.


Eternal nadroji that has crystal affix of deadly strike still not hacking?


I don’t remember every items affixes mate, well sorry for that. :expressionless:


But was i shock about is, he climbed the no.1 seat that i cant even contest T-T RIP my rank T_T


I can show you, wait XD


Uploading… that was the true affixes of a nadroji ring



Takes me 6 secs to kill this hacker. I wish I could face him 100x in a row. They must get some sort of boost when playing with their hacked gear because I haven’t ran into a AI with hacked gear get that puts up a fight. Last night this hacker got number 1 in both 1v1 and 2v2.


Lmao xD i reached eternal league so i could get them vanities :joy: so those cheaters dont matter to me haahah still they should be removed in legit league ASAP


I think @tdaniel is pretty good about banning cheaters that are posted on the cheater thread (this particular guy has been reported already. It’s a holiday in the states so he’ll probably get to it tomorrow and bann the cheater from arena.




I don’t know what ****** stand for, but that eternal items are pretty illegal, so I think it stands for “Hacker”.


Um gonna assume the ***** starts with an F…




Moving this post over to Reporting topic.


Not sure about this one I’m still noob at identifying edited items and this one definitely seems possible.
But like I said…
… .I.Am.Noob. …