[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers


I know, but I forgot how :blush:



#1 eternal 1v1 is a cheater?

Appears to be a modified item as crystal affixes are not possible on eternals.


Actually you can get crystal affix on an eternal if it has an epic mod that is the same as a crystal mod. It’s basically a crystal drop and eternal drop at the same time. This item looks legit.


My bad if it is, I forget if jasper keeps the name because epiphany gear is only for mage, unless he jaspered it and the name stayed.


:ok_hand: yea!, after testing it appears to be legit.


You made my day


Oh hi u agree that this guy is 99% chetar in arenagames



Me ?? Cheater?? Come on hahaha settle your proof


U want proof?





Hahahhaha :smile: XD


This is why I spread the word and tell children that drugs and synthetic hallucinogens are no good.

Check at how cooked in the head this turd burglar is. :joy::joy: Some people. For shame.







Hacked eternals

Not that it mattered…




Every single hero’s items are edited. :sleeping:

Miserably anyway. :joy:


Once again every hero has edited items. This is just one of 'em.

Getting pretty pointless now. With nearly every second or third person you’re matched up with in 2v2 mythic div.3 - div.1 being a hardcore cheat. Fair enough, not all of them are good cheats but they sure as hell are getting plenty of opportunity to practice.

How is it the cheats never seem to become any less despite all the reports ?!

Developers need to regroup and do something about this other than relying on reports.

Tedious AF and I’m on the verge of just not playing anymore because of the defeatism behind all the effort.

and I know this isn’t discussion but wtfe at this point of unnecessary frustration


Reviewed. I can appreciate your frustration, however without completely locking our game down and requiring 100% server connection for each and every player we cannot prevent these sorts of local device edits.
We do not have the resources to make DQ a 100% server responsible title.