[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers


Also the thing where some people will be against the fact that it’s 100% online for sure even if the resources were there and that if the server is forever dead, the game can die. Of course the battle arena is a big part of the game too as I can acknowledge.


@CuzegSpiked No matter how good the server/game is, it will die because of mis management/arrogant staff who runs the game.


@CuzegSpiked, on message i think youve been mislead or your vast mind is playing trick on you.

Tips in making 2nd account to avoid issue in the future

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As far as I know, this game is enough balanced even playing against hackers. They become more pointless when you notice they are very noob.


:heart_eyes: but not all are noob some are good also




Lol. That bloodmagic pet… I don’t know that there’s such a pet like that. Hahaha. That user is pretty hardcore in editting :triumph:


Actually you are pretty right. There are very few hackers/cheaters who are actually good. Skilled enough to defeat hackers in this game and sometimes you wouldn’t even realise you beat one until you look at his gear.Although some hackers/cheaters feel like Legit players unless you look at his affixes but most aren’t a huge issue but it’s still good to report them so they don’t accumulate so much.

I mean I have faced cheaters/hackers who are very hard to defeat and definitely deserve to be removed but thankfully they are very few and rare. Still they happen to be the hardest to ban in some scenarios and can annoy many players . I think the chance of a hacker who actually knows the game very well is extremely low, like probably 0.1% or 0.01% maybe . Usually legit players stay legit for a while and know alot but maybe there’s that one guy who becomes a hacker/cheater with some knowledge of the game after being legit for X months and no longer legit for whatever reason.

Compared to other games I’ve played, this game is pretty darn balanced when it comes to facing hackers/cheaters as you can skillfully beat them but there have been some cheaters who are very hard or sometimes a group of challenging cheaters due to the modifying of certain eternals to allow them to be that extremely strong or Tanky. Honestly it’s awesome that cheaters aren’t as bad as they used to be in arena as it shows how far we have come in skill level and balance but reporting all we can is the best to do.

If no cheaters were banned, this arena would be way to filled of cheaters by now but it’s great that it isn’t. as filled.








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