[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers


Another one. Please review.


These 2 players just happen to have 3 perfectly rolled crystals on eternal?

Not sure about this one, but check just in case?


all reviewed


Every eternal item on this player has a perfectly rolled crystal stat…


Please review. Looks like another one kiting.


Will have a look on my end.


I don’t know if this is a hack, can an eternal item have an obsidian affix?


Pet with legindary affix’s and all eternal items have obsidian affixs


2nd one definitely hack lol, first one, most likely not.

Both char’s have all perfect crystal eternal items. On top of that, I have an eternal nadroji crystal and certainly can’t do that lmao.


It will never get old how many people post with a hack icon in the screenshot. I mean seriously your only crying because you hacked and still couldn’t win lol. What dweebsXD


This should be enough





all removed


dont look at his items in gear :smile: focus on his pet… he’s a lucky guys 3 Ete pet with A perfect affixes for pvp :joy::gun:


pet with a perfect affix


Not sure about this one. Please review


all reveied