[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers




I’m like, doing a major clean up in battle arena; except it’s an endless pool…



@lionex its normal bro… That is easy to make…


HP ED WD on 3 consecutive times hahaha


this is normal .


Fabled weapons u can gem, so u can get that


this person just has no chill lol, I wonder how they had 2.5k power in arena and it is through all modified eternals



Cheaters cheat and hackers hack .Don’t worry about losing to them. Your loss is a badge of honour and their badge is of dishonesty. They have not enough intelligence to do it fairly .Game over .Checkmate


Sometimes I lose against them, sometimes I win against them; ah makes no difference.




oh my god


not all gems can be used in fabled like kyanite :slight_smile: try making one and you will know


Its hard to test things in arena when everyone i get matched with is using modded stuff lol




Anyone know how players can turn into this blue-ish thing?


“blush thing” is a texture error.



i think its a vanish mythic. or he use mirror image .


Mirror Image makes a clone of the character (I had used Mirror Image Proc before) and Vanish is just the rogue skill. Neither of them should be doing that.