[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers


There are plenty of times that the score page bugs on peoples texture. Not really a sign of cheating that I’ve seen, like a quarter of the people I face end up having some type of visual glitch


its not a glitch. the enemy is on stealth before the match ends.




Grandong. Jr

Edited items in arena…




Hello again, i paid few dollar supporting the game, is it normal to find this many hackers in ladder? Please we need a massive patch or something, pvp seems to be filled with this hackers… Took all this screenshots today trying to climb to eternal… Thanks for the game, it is lot of fun and reminds me a lot of diablo2. is a pity to see hackera ruining it though.


Reviewed! Thank you for taking the time to post those and to support our game, it is very much appreciated!

It is very difficult (especially on an android device) to protect the game save when you are an offline game. We try our best to stop these kind of actions but we do depend on honest players such as yourself to help us as well.

Thanks again.


i wish we could stop this kindda probl’m on our game. i salute to the people who take time to post on this thread. +10 to you guys. specially to the devs who never stop reviewing.


I thought that Devs have a program that automatically/regularly check every player in arena? But anyway hope this post “report cheater” wil not be exploited by some player who just want just to kick/report player that they just cant kill.


Well, modified eternal gears are easy to spot

No one should have perfectly rolled eternal stats along with perfect crystal

Exceptions to a few items excluding crystal stat


no. there are some perfect eternals.



We cannot view the IGN @lionex your GLOBE message is covering it up.


ill repost if i encounter that enemy again.



that indo’s !! VN means vietnam right ? the no.1 exploiter




Like fable and unreal hood. Yes, those are exceptions. I use both of them. These can be mythic-d and topaz’d, which makes them perfect.

But I wouldn’t be able to use obisidian on them, so perfect crystal stat is impossible.




Wait I thought crystal eternals were legit…