[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers




Maybe he just dont know about that


cleared up on another thread. thanks everyone for helping to keep the Arena legit. mistakes can be made, but working together, the mistakes can be few and far between.


mr.mistaken reporting


Not a mistaken report at all. Both were illegitimate accounts.


ELLON saint-flames 1M hp eternal set with crystal affix eternal no legend affix more epic hp affix






Kitting in 2v2







Kitting in div1 almost new player in arena with demonic Aura.





check this out. Instead of twister affix he got skulldraga on cerebreral amulet


If you jaspered amulet to warrior it will become torrent and then jaspered again to wizard it will become skulldraga . all gear with skill afix on it will change depends on class.


he’s a DQ Mod hehehe


@rimkay Eternal Divination Amulet drops as warrior skill torrent. When you jasper the eternal gear to warrior and back to wizard, torrent affix becomes skulldraga (wizard affix).


theres no twister on that amulet. you should try to view codex section first.