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Please review.




Modified pet




i’m not sure about this but is this possible? the numbers are so high and he is only ascend twice (it seems not legit) because if this is a legit that numbers means you play a lot of time and atleast he is on the legend found ladder at the same time but he’s not there, please check this and if this is a cheat ban his account because this is not fair for those who are not cheating the game.


You made it dude . actually hes the one and his team using power 999999 in arena thats why alastra never send a screenshot of how he always reach top 1 easily . actually i did any possible things to win his ai againts mine but it never happen . he always free to kill .

Top exp goes to GOB and AU community :joy:




This thread is for reporting only. Please keep your posts in line with the thread topic.


Check out my defeated opponents equipment :slight_smile:https://youtu.be/CMktB4EZHi4


Looks like a modified pet…


The ring too




It looks like modified gear as the eternal mutiny for wizard is a MH glove.


I wonder how much lucky points this guy has :laughing:


Please do review my account. Someone is jealous :joy:


Yes,I am jeaous and I will not be the only one.
You can buy tons of monster boost to get a good pet.But that trophy is too amazing.How much matches you played?I got the trophy I need after 300 matches last season,which is very very lucky.I not know exactly what is the rate,bu I do have not see a perfect one.
@Mr_Scooty has a nearly perfect trophy after 10k or even 20k matches.
And the well known veteran @CuzegSpiked


I have one allmoust perfect to but i had to play more than 3k matches in season 3, season 2 and 1 i got some but they are trash, not lvl 100, bad roll on affix @Mandelbrot is right, i play the game since the beginning and i never got a perfect one, and is very silly someone apear of nowhere and look, i have i perfect trophy, you legitimately coded get hem but that is some god dam luck!


Has been reported before, 16 days ago…

Reason: Modified Eternal items and pet




Lul man, when you make reports, check codex xDDD its warrior etrrnal item xD