[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers



This thread is for reporting only. Please keep personal issues or complaints out of this thread and directed to me via DM.


Arena kitting div1 top1 with 2000 hp and 70power



Soooo lucky this kid. He got a max roll trophy but he also a new player im not sure this is a cheated item or not?:confused: So please. Kindly check this acc.




PLEASE only use this thread for reporting. It is not intended to be used for personal opinions, strictly reporting only. Thank you.



Wow 2 perfect trophy in this el minero… Sooo lucky


I don’t know if this guy has been reported yet, but he has modified eternals. Name is Buttslap


Kiting on 2vs2, top 2 with 8k hp and 112 power.




Check mail pls, im waiting 2 days :sob:


Found another user in 1v1 league using modified eternals. Name is Khiexharain.


And yet another cheater in 1v1 league using modified eternals. Name is Suck-Mo


And yet another one. Modified eternal item and pet. Name is Chickzter.


This are cheaters with perfect affi

x and pet affix please do some action with regarding with this evidence



Gzero has been reported at least twice before…

I don’t know why he’s not been banned…


Almost 90% of those (there were a few I had to manually review) were already flagged. Reviewed


Check mail pls, im w8 3 days :sadparrot: