[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers


You were warned once about making public posts about your issue.

I suggest heeding that warning.





You’re just a cool guy. :sunglasses:


Reporting this one:
Modified Eternals in all of his Characters




This guy has been reported many times using edited eternal items but still on the league.


Have bean review to, manually, if @tdaniel did not banned hem, he is not a cheater, simple!


Lol. Using edited eternal items and then you say his not a cheater.
@ZOMBOY are you tying to say that using edited eternal items is legit gaming?


@thyra look again and see if they are gone please. I do not see gzero in my screen.


He belongs to division 2 right now.


No!, im just saying that if the guy have bean reported so many times and dont get banned, is some visual bugg per haps, I dont know…


Reviewed, action has already been taken. They are not in the normal league.


This guy has editing eternal pets with almost the same affix?? And the same pet Hmmmm😑 Something’s fishy in here…

Please make some action regarding with this situation.




Please review.




80 Matches with Angelic Aura. Impossible! hahaha


The Aura He can have it from season 3 but, 2 matches 2x2 straight up eternal league :thinking::thinking::thinking:, our he play 1 match and got carried to mythic div1 and play another and get promoted to eternal league our is a cheater, @tdaniel is going to see in is Orb of truth, he is a very powerfull wizard​:joy::joy::joy:!


Another one😅