[Request] Need Gold Farming and Guide for Warrior

guys where to find more Gold at Mythic 3 normal FLoor runs or at Cartographer Maps? i am currently at floor 62 mythic 3 since floor 10? and i am a warrior my current weapons are Horn and Sword …how to obtain mythic items? and whats the best build for warrior when it comes to pvp survival gold farming and damage

Really good farming build for warrior. A bit extreme for you, I believe, though. At your position, just pick up the best gear with Gold Find, Luck, and Item Drop, or even other gear you like and just use Kyanite to remove affixes you don’t want and replace it with Gold Find or Luck using Larimar. The best way to farm as a newer player is to get to Floor 200 and repeat over and over, killing the boss each time, (for items) and to repeat Floor 181 constantly (a slime floor) for gold. The best way to farm Eternal (green), Crystal (light blue), and Legend (red) items is to just build the the main farming stats (mentioned below). At max stats, I get, in the worst case, at least one legend a floor. I get a Crystal legend about every 100 normal legends or so, and an Eternal about every couple hundred. The best way to get Eternals is to complete the feat where you kill a mythic enemy. Check your codec under feats for this, but after killing 50 epic enemies a legend enemy will spawn, and, after 10 legend enemies, a mythic will spawn. You have to make mythic gear. You can find a page on mythic skills on the Wiki.

They’re made using gear with four sockets and Mythstones. For getting eternals, the best thing to do is make a Hunter Ring which allows you to spawn 1-3 epic monsters every time you click a shrine. You can find how to make that on the Wiki, too.
Another way to farm (my method) is to purchase a couple maps from the store, use Larimar on them until they are epic, and play them from Floor 100 to Floor 200, each time making them epic with Larimar. While farming, just make sure to max your Gold Find, Luck, and Item Drop as effectively as possible. The max for GF/Luck/ID is 650/650/200%, respectively. :smiley: Any other inquiries? :grin:

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before purchasing lots of maps and using kyanite i should reach lvl99 first? my current lvl is at 55+ i think …kyanite i can remove the opt that i dont like? i thought thats for Saphire? which removes and replace with the same pool of skill? and larimar gives 1 random opt correct? i should try that til i get the Gold find? btw whats the use of gold here? at first i thought that gold is not that important here but lots of posts that i saw are all about farming gold

by the way whats the praying opt thingy?

Save Sapphire, Fluorite, etc. For end game gear. Just year Kyanite and Larimar until you’re comfortable using other gems for better gear. I don’t recommend the challenge map farming method until high level. Money is very important when you get to building your character for end game. You need to convert, salvage, and buy alot of gems to make great gear. (VERY, VERY, expensive.)

I also edited my original post. :smiley:

What do you mean praying?

I think he took it literally, and its jist a term to say that you just need to be lucky when finding legends and other things like that

Oh. In the other forum topic :smile: