Resetting my chars :D

Just because i dont play much anymore so i did this to have a start over :joy:

You should’ve created new account.

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wasted a lot of time :smile_cat:

I know someone who had a few items from a completed Eternal Legendary collection who restarted recently :wink:

well, you can restart from a new account. but restarting from an old and stable account, (i think) is not a clever decision

I can’t even press the DQ button anymore.

That account is probably a result from cheating/hacking

Lol dude, ive been playing dq for a year or so if it isnt longer :joy::joy: ive been in beta testing too


That happened to me a couple of times wayway back, and im not a cheater. Im just bored. Plainly bored. So yeah that’s normal i think if you’re playing DQ for years.

Been through that honestly when I’m still a newbie. That’s when I didn’t like the out come of my adventure (Like putting wrong skill points and I still didn’t know how to reset :joy: ) but in that kind of situation where you had already 3 ETERNAL ASCENSIONS dang! You know already how hard it is to get to Eternal Ascension you know? I wouldn’t even try doing that crap :stuck_out_tongue: