Resist all shrine bug

resist all shrine = +25% all resist
the stat page display a different value. it is more like +2500%.
800 all resist -> 20.8k after shrine

maybe they had to type approx stat and entered 25 instead of 0,25 :smiley:

mine 250 and became 6250 after shrine

It’s because it’s x25 instead of 25%. With enshrined, its x100 instead of 100%.

That means if I have 1005 all resist, with the enshrined resist shrine, 1005×100= 100500 (100.5k) all resist. It is a bit much and combine with wizard astral talent for very high dmg. It still sounds too good to be true though. I’m not exactly sure if it’s intended or not. One could get a million resist with fauns gift and other resist boosters at that rate.

Imo with this shrine I feel exactly how it is described: “you feel protected” and you are indeed. Other shrines (maybe except exp one) are just epic monsters spawns as they feel to have no impact even with enshrined.


My wiz goes from 5k resist to 118.7k , even without enshrined :slight_smile:

I felt it described it very well too :slight_smile: .

This bug has been reported before. Thank you for the reminder!