[Resolved] no email being sent for activation

please help i cant make DQ account … because no activation sent to my gmail account … gdonanthony@gmail.com please help thanks :frowning:

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Just sent another verify email to you at that address, let me know if you get it!

nope nothing

Check your Spam. When I get notifications sent to my email from this site they go to my spam folder!

This. Gmail has a tendency of doing this for activation emails from unknown sources.

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Cant receive any activation daaaamn this is my email same as here in my account forum and im prettysureits right please check it darwinjadecarpo@gmail.com :frowning:

I will send you an activation link carp…give me a bit

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I had a few issues with your account so I recreated it and sent you an email with your password. Let me know if you have any other problems, and sorry for the delayed response!

I cant still activate my acount :frowning: it says still not activated…

On my end it says that your account is already activated. Could request a new password in game and then attempt login after that? I cannot see any issues from our side.

Help me i can’t activate my dq account

I cant activate it help me