Resource Cost, Barbarian and Push the Limit


Hi. I just want to know if I use Resource Cost will the effect of Barbarian and PTL will be cancelled.


Only PTL effects, cause barbarian cuts your resource system values just as glasscannon cuts HP.


50% PTL will cost 50% more on your Resource or will it double the cost?


50% more. e. g. casting some spell costs 1000, with 50% PTL, it will cost 1500.


But if I have a 45% Resource Cost and 50% PTL.

1000+(1000x(50%-45%)) = 1050

So 1050 will be the cost needed to cast the spell.
Is this correct or not?


Nope. They are both multiplicative, so it is 1000 * 1.5 * (1 - 0.45) = 825


Yup. Tbh, everything in DQ is multiplicative except a few.


Yeah, but most of descriptions are confuse and sometimes can be read as additive.


Thank you for the help.


I should remember this. Thank you.


Hunger + Fury
Hunger + Energy

Is this two combination plausible?


Yeah most definitely!


You won’t notice hunger effect until your resource bar is below 75% and them won’t decrease like mana (they’re not mana resource systems at all)


I thought they do decrease like mana last time I tested, it did. Maybe that’s changed?


Patch 3.0