Resource cost vs. +%MP

Is there any practical difference between a 45% reduced resource cost crystal affix and +82% in MP?

My understanding is they give the same end result, but the aforementioned RC affix is 7% more effective than the maxed +75% MP crystal affix?

Am I missing something?

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you’re looking at it the wrong way.

the right way to look at it is how fast are you using your MP compared to how fast are you replacing it.

if you are replacing your MP as fast or faster than you are using it, your MP can be equal to your your highest MP Skill Cost (maybe with a +10% cushion) than you are using. if your MP Cost is higher than your MP replenishment, and the Reduced Resource Cost can lower it to lower or equal to your MP replenishment, same as above. if your MP use is higher than your MP replacement with or without Reduced Resource, then you would need more +MP and/or MP%.

a 1000 cost MP Skill a second vs a 1000 MP pool.

with the 45% Reduced MP it costs 550 MP a second. if you have MP Regen or MP on Hit that replaces the MP every second, then the 1000 MP is more than enough.

with the +75% MP you would have 1750 MP while using a 1000 MP a second Skill. you would need enough MP Regen or MP on Hit that replaces the MP every second. in this case, the 1750 MP is more than enough.

in both cases, if you don’t have enough MP Regen or MP on Hit a second, you will eventually have to wait until you have enough to cast again.

as you can see, if you use Attack Speed to speed up your Primary MH Skill or Cool Down to lower the Cool Down of all of your other Skills (especially if the CD is now less than a second).

if your Primary MH Skill has an APS of 1.5, that’s 1500 MP a second. if you can replace that every second, then 1000 MP pool is ok… it’s when your Primary MH Skill is APS 2 or more that you would need both more MP replacement and a 2000 MP pool. of course, most MH Primary Skills have a 1% per Rank Reduce Resource? or is it MP?

hope this helps.


It helps a lot, thank you!

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Oh thank you so much! I also didn’t understand this before thanks for the explanation