Resource System

I do know that you can only use 1 mythic resource system (fury, bloodmagic). And my question is, do Blood Magic( the Set one, not mythic) and Fury at the same time??


No, it doesn’t work. The Blood Magic set is a resource system. Only one works at a time.


I actually tried BM Set and some other Mythic Resource… didn’t work :crying_cat_face: .

if you Search :mag: the Patch Notes on the subject, MB Set & Mythic used to work differently, and then were changed to work the same while they are both considered Resources.

I actually made a request to the Dev’s to make BM Set work with 3 of the Mythic Resources.


It would have been pretty convenient to have 7 Mythics, but I guess it’s just too powerful. Thanks for responding!

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from what I know, BM as it is now, Set or Mythic, is more powerful than it was originally. doing 200% of missing HP% in damage is pretty huge. especially when used with Masochism Set, which keeps your HP around 50% most of the time, so you are getting +85% to +115% damage most of the time.


IT won’t work i tried it.before

Bloodmagic (mythic)+druidic bonus :+1:
Dont using vampiric/aetherealdrain set