Resourceful Mythic question

I’m thinking about crafting this as a possible upgrade from the Explosive affix.
PVE with high pack size and taunt makes for massive amount of resource orbs, but I was thinking … the orbs drop when the enemy dies, which means the explosion will often take place after they are already dead.

Does anyone have experience with this Mythic?

Pack Size Maps might be the only thing that Mythic is useful for. the few posts I’ve seen about it aren’t impressed with it. also, if you don’t have the Fortune Perk giving you the +5 Yard Pickup Radius, you will need 1-3 Legend 2 Yard Pickup Radius to make Resourceful effective. but that’s if the Orbs are triggered by being pick upped or just from being dropped.

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I use pack size maps quite often. Results will be posted if I decide to give it a try.

Thank you for the response.

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Resourceful is a dud. Although orbs do create an explosion (invisible), it’s not in addition to orbs replenishing HP and MP, it’s in replacement of.

It was fun to try…

isn’t that in the description?


You’re assuming I can read. :pensive:


I just checked the Codex, and in both places it doesn’t say the explosion replaces the Recovery of HP/MP, but the reason I thought it did is that the MP Potion is replaced by Draught Mythic. it would be kind of a strong Mythic if it causes explosions and can also replenish HP/MP. I know they are different mechanics, but they are similar.


It’s all good. I learned how much I rely on those orbs. My MP kept depleting and when facing a strong enemy, I like having nearby dropped orbs to replenish HP.

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I know what you mean. for some builds, they are annoying and for others they are more help than we might think. kind of like the potions…